Friday, August 5, 2011

GooD News doesn't mean there isn't have BAd News

Haiz... So which to tell 1st ? Bad news or Good news?
Kay lets start with the Bad News ~
1st thing 1st ... There isn't much time left to trial exam than later the REAL PMR
Haiz.... Time flies as you are having a lot fun.

2nd thing ... from nxt week onwards OUR group study aKa Prep planing to cancel ~ All of us feel boring with staying back and study. The things can't masuk into the head so we planing to cancel. I dun know about them aKa Dajie , Jie , Kaikor. WE cannot hang out 2gether le study le ... feel so lonely back ~ T^T

Kay now for the GOOD NEWS that is the only 1.
My Father say let me learn BASS after PMR !!!
WooTs ~ Finally can learn 1* music instrument.
HAiz.... I am the slowest of them all.
DAjie learn piano , Jie learn guitar and piano , kaikor learn violin , guitar and piano ... They all so pro ~ I am the NOOBEST of them all and the last.
Nvm ~ But after i learn than we can form a BAnd le :)
WOOTS ~ can't wait for the time WE became a famous band.(I think i 2 exggerating)

Kay have to stop now ~ Skype with my GANG.
Later need to STudy study STudy~
I one day sure die of studying.
2 much knowledge will make my brain BOOMMM !!! Letup !!!
Haha xD

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Today's activities ~

Kay kay .... How to start today activities .
Today morning assembly was cancelled bcuz of the rain ~ WOOTS

Today my Kaikor aKa Jonathan and my Dajie aKa Rui Ying were FASTING ...
They like vs each other who can fasting the longest ~ HahaxD
In the end Dajie lose ~ Cuz she drank water maybe becuz 2 thirsty from shouting.
ADmire my Kaikor ~ He 2 pro le ... HahaxD

After school ~ We all like so mooddy ~ Nothing to talk .... we like just sitting
in the foyer A of our school and study.
Suddenly my Jie aKa Leanne ask us wanna go to the nearby shell station and buy some food ~
I say sure , but the other 2 were quiet and ignore her ... So we dun care , I and my Jie go shell buy lor ~ We dun care them fasting.
I go shell buy maggie cup and Rocky ~ Hehe ^^ Long time no eat that jor ~ Delicious.
After that we come back ~ they still queit and in a mooddy state ... I and my Jie dun know what to do ... After a while, Dajie Talks ~ Haha maybe bcuz of us talk 2 much until she wanna campur ~ wakaka ... We OWN ... but John Still in moody STATE !!! Haiz ... Dun know what to talk about him ... 2 nerd liao.

After 2 sumthing we all went to Bilik Wawasan ... Our place was been sitted T^T Lucky we still found a nice place ... At 1st everyone was busying doing their stuff until Jie make a conversation " who is the current sultan ". We all like guessing and we talk about who rule the country , Sultan or Prime minister. Everyone was like arguing ~ After that we all like So HIGH HIGH ~ Haha ... JIe you are the MAN !!!

After 5 sumthing we all went back home ~
Haiz ... when we are having fun time moves fast ... when we are boring time moves slow ~
Gotta Stop writting now ~ Need to do exercise for PMR
TAta ~ 88 ~ TTYL
Pls follow my blog ~ Hehe^^

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

School Days ~

PMR is near ~
My best Frenz and I form a study group.
We stay Tuesday , Wednesday , Thursday ~
We have such a great time ...
If i rmb last time .... they play my phone ...
One of the application call FITNESS ~ LoL so funny ... They like fake runing ~
So shiok ~ HahaxD
Sorry can't type more ... Need to study m(>~<)m
I wish those ppl who are having PMR and SPM
GooD LUCK in your examination ~
Lets score a flying colour to make our parents proud !

I am back to BLoGing ^^

I am returning to BlogGing
I have stop for months~

So sad T^T My Dajie aka Ruiying
say my blog dead.